About Dalini Anaman

It’s the best blessing in the world to share these teachings and assist others in their own awakening.

Living in the moment

In the Beginning…

In 1987, I wasn’t searching for much of anything. You could call me “intuitive,” but I’d never really thought about it that way. I would dream vivid things that would come true, and I could always know what people were feeling. My esthetician clients seemed to come to me as much for therapy as for skin care!

My mother must have thought I could use some support for my energetic sensitivities because she encouraged me to go with her to a Demo class on learning to get in touch with our psychic abilities and know who we truly are at a local Clairvoyant school. I rolled my eyes, but humored her, and after the demonstration, we both enrolled in an introductory meditation course at Psychic Horizons.

About Dalini Anaman

Ten minutes into the first meditation and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! I didn’t know what I’d been missing, but I’d found it, and I’ve never forgotten it since. I found me.

After that, I was definitely searching. I explored every modality I could find that would help me be connected to my Self. And I had a deep calling to learn and integrate these teachings within me, and then share what I’d learned with everyone else, too.

Over the past 20+ years I’ve worked with people privately and taught classes in many healing modalities.

I’m an ordained spiritual clairvoyant minister, a fully certified realization process teacher, a Certified clinical hypnotherapist, and a certified life coach. The purpose of my work is to help others to know themselves intimately, as Spirit in a body.

Testimonial Quote Graphic
I have known and worked with Dalini for over 10 years. I have received many spiritual readings and healings from her. She is always kind and compassionate. Dalini has a powerful gift to use spirit to heal and clairvoyant abilities to help anyone thru the bumps and turns of life.
Monica P. - Clairvoyant Teacher

The insights and techniques I have learned from Dalini have made a profound and positive change in my life. I leave her beautiful space each week with elevated peace of mind and a bolstered, unbeatable spirit, ready to take on another week… words can’t begin to capture what a gift she has been in my life.

Sandi K.

Being a married, stay at home mom, I felt a calling for a deeper me. My soul needed to be understood. Through the years of motherhood, my sense of self had been lost. Dalini was the only one who could guide me to connect on a deeper soul level. I feel my soul/spirit aligned and empowered in a profound way that I’ve never experienced before.


Dalini has been a blessing to our family. My husband and I have received her spiritual healing professional practices. It has helped us with perspective and clarity in our lives which has brought us inner peace. She’s very talented and one of the sweetest ladies you’ll meet.

Diana S.

I have been working with Dalini for several months now because I suffer daily from anxiety and other sometimes overwhelming fears and pains due to traumatic and abusive experiences from my childhood… For the first time in my life I feel an inner peace viscerally throughout my body. Go and find the peace that belongs to you, that is you!

David B.

The Next Realization…

I had seen absolute transformation in my clients and in myself from all of the work over the years. And yet, decades into my search and studies I still felt something was missing. I had enough certifications to cover my walls, but I still had some lingering anxiety, and I knew there was more to learn.

I met Judith Blackstone, founder of the Realization Process® at an Esalen retreat, and her work filled the gap in my soul. For the first time in my life, I was able to be fully present in my whole body. I thought I’d been present all along, and practicing deep embodiment – but this was beyond what I’d known before.

Through Judith’s work, I’ve been able to create such deep connection to my Self that now I never lose the thread of me, even when I’m with other people. This work has saved my life, and it allows me to show up for my clients with true compassion, presence, understanding and deep listening.

I now combine the Spiritual work of Clairvoyance with the Body-Centered work of the Realization Process® to help people become fully alive – at home in the body and fulfilled as a Spirit.

Awaken With Me…

I work one-on-one with people, guiding them through deeply transformative presence processes. I also teach group classes in Clairvoyance and the Realization Process® so that my clients can learn to do this powerful work for themselves, too.

It’s the best blessing in the world to share these teachings and assist others in their own awakening. I grow as my clients grow, and I’m grateful for all of it. Want to learn how it all works?