When you’re ready to awaken your inner resources and take self-possession of your life, join me for a life-changing class series!

Living in the moment

I teach 2 distinct and powerful modalities: The Realization Process®, and Clairvoyance.

Realization Process® Classes

6 Week Series: Thursdays ($260)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes will be held online via Zoom video conference.

In this series you will learn the foundational methods of the Realization Process®. I will guide you through specific meditations and awareness exercises, and you will learn how to use this method for yourself.

I will be teaching the Realization process exercises to cultivate wholeness through attuning to Fundamental Consciousness (your true Authentic self). You will also be practicing core to core resonance to deepen your connection to yourself and others without losing yourself. Come and awaken to your spiritual essence in yourself and others and experience true freedom in this 6-week class.

We will dialogue about the experience as a group.

You will learn how to:

  • Be in touch with your Authentic Self
  • Release constriction & patterns of holding tension in your body
  • Relate with others without ever losing connection with YOU
  • Heal the core wound that prevents us from having true freedom
  • Experience joy and aliveness in your body

Clairvoyant Classes

6 Week Series – Tuesdays: Beginning Clairvoyance ($260) – Wednesdays: Advanced Clairvoyance ($260)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes will be held online via Zoom video conference.

Clairvoyance is the language of Spirit. In this series, you will learn about your subtle energy body and how to work with it to facilitate your own healing. You will develop your Clairvoyant ability to see and know your own Spirit. Listening to your Spirit’s wisdom, you will nurture a close relationship with the truest aspect of you.

You will learn how to:

  • Be aware of your subtle energy body – your aura, chakras and more
  • Develop your Third Eye, your Clear-Seeing ability
  • Experience Clairvoyant imagery – see subtle colors, pictures, vibrations and more
  • Discover how to not take on other people’s problems, emotions, or beliefs
  • Connect deeply with your own Spirit and nurture your relationship with YOU
  • Receive the wisdom of your own Spiritual answers in a way you can understand and process
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I have been working with Dalini for several months now because I suffer daily from anxiety and other sometimes overwhelming fears and pains due to traumatic and abusive experiences from my childhood… For the first time in my life I feel an inner peace viscerally throughout my body. Go and find the peace that belongs to you, that is you!

David B.

Being a married, stay at home mom, I felt a calling for a deeper me. My soul needed to be understood. Through the years of motherhood, my sense of self had been lost. Dalini was the only one who could guide me to connect on a deeper soul level. I feel my soul/spirit aligned and empowered in a profound way that I’ve never experienced before.

Dalini is a gifted energy worker and teacher. She has combined some of the best spiritual teachings into a practice that offers a client the guidance they are seeking in a supportive, healing and insightful manner. I look forward to working with her whenever I can.
Nick L., Clairvoyant Teacher
Dalini and the meditation/healing work that she teaches is amazing. I’ve been through hours of therapy, self-help books, and other forms of meditation, none of which have been as impactful as hers. This work helps you dive deep, process, and clear, allowing more space for your own divine energy!

After every session with Dalini I feel lighter, clearer, and more deeply myself. She has a gift for getting to the core of the matter, always with compassion and understanding. I also appreciate Dalini’s commitment to live and practice what she teaches: her own experience makes her a wise and powerful guide through the journey of Spirit.

Samara T., Clairvoyant Teacher

The insights and techniques I have learned from Dalini have made a profound and positive change in my life. I leave her beautiful space each week with elevated peace of mind and a bolstered, unbeatable spirit, ready to take on another week… words can’t begin to capture what a gift she has been in my life.

Sandi K.

Dalini has been a blessing to our family. My husband and I have received her spiritual healing professional practices. It has helped us with perspective and clarity in our lives which has brought us inner peace. She’s very talented and one of the sweetest ladies you’ll meet.

Diana S.
Living in the moment

Why Take a Class?

Go Deeper…

You have a commitment to your own growth, and you’re looking for tools and resources to support you on your journey. These classes create a sacred container for you to be guided into your inner world over a series of weeks. In the process you’ll awaken the profound resources of your own Spirit to guide you on your path. You will receive:

  • Spiritual Resources that you can use everyday to nurture your Spirit & Body for life
  • The full presence of a compassionate & competent guide (that’s me!)
  • A dynamic group of peers on the path who you will learn with and from
  • Continuing support in developing your personal practice beyond the class