Work One-on-One with Me

Ready to work one-on-one with me? Great! I offer private sessions in person or over the phone, Zoom, or Skype, where we can dive deeply into your specific needs.

Living in the moment

I use two powerful tools in private sessions: The Realization Process® and/or Clairvoyant Energy Work

How it Works:

I will listen to your needs and desires and tune into my wisdom, and together we can decide which of these two potent modalities will be most beneficial for you in the moment. We can also combine both modalities in a session. Sessions are 1 hour or 1.5 hours in Person, by Phone, or via Zoom or Skype video conference.

The Realization Process®

As I guide you through the Realization Process, we will engage in dialogue, meditation, or simple awareness exercises. I will lead you through deep presence meditations to help you access the field of Fundamental Consciousness – that place of absolute connection with who you really are. In the process, limitations melt away, and you experience true wholeness of your being.

I’ll guide you to breathe deeply into the places within where pain or discomfort resides. Taking full self-possession of your body, you’ll release the past pain and the patterns that had hijacked your life. You’ll relax deeply into yourself and enjoy being who you are in your own skin. Learn more about The Realization Process®.

Clairvoyant Energy Work

In a Clairvoyant session, I will see your energy body, and notice how your energy is flowing, or where it’s stuck. If you need an energy healing, I’ll help you clear your aura and energy field. If you’re working with a particular topic, we can clear energy around that, too – money, health, work, family, relationships, etc.

Clairvoyance works with your subtle energy body. As you clear patterns of stuckness in your aura and chakras, you will have more energy available to you in every area of your life. This opens the doorways to all the experiences you desire: freedom, love, wholeness, power, creativity and embodied joy. Learn more about Clairvoyant Energy Work.

Clear in Your Self. Connected with Spirit.

Testimonial Quote Graphic
…one of the most Beautiful experiences of my life. The healing I received has brought me such clarity and understanding. I want you to know that this work is so amazing, I have never experienced anything like it. With your guidance, I have been able to find my happiness and my true sense of self.
Greg S.
Each class has been not only inspiring, but also challenging. I especially appreciate that you make the class environment supportive, and fun… Your graciousness in working with each of us as individuals – wherever we are – and guiding us on a path of self-discovery, is so very kind. Thank you for so generously and compassionately sharing your gift with us.
Patty N.

The insights and techniques I have learned from Dalini have made a profound and positive change in my life. I leave her beautiful space each week with elevated peace of mind and a bolstered, unbeatable spirit, ready to take on another week… words can’t begin to capture what a gift she has been in my life.

Sandi K.

Dalini has been a blessing to our family. My husband and I have received her spiritual healing professional practices. It has helped us with perspective and clarity in our lives which has brought us inner peace. She’s very talented and one of the sweetest ladies you’ll meet.

Diana S.

I have been working with Dalini for several months now because I suffer daily from anxiety and other sometimes overwhelming fears and pains due to traumatic and abusive experiences from my childhood… For the first time in my life I feel an inner peace viscerally throughout my body. Go and find the peace that belongs to you, that is you!

David B.

The Result of a One-on-One Coaching Session:

You’ll be truly seen and heard.
And you’ll be more present and embodied than ever before.

In an individual session we’ll work with whatever is going on with you right now, and guide you to the place of presence where you know in your bones that everything is going to be okay. Want more peace in a relationship? Greater power in a work situation? More clarity with your health? I’ll guide you to the place where you know it, embody it, and have the ability to manifest it.

Once you’ve touched the inner knowing of your being, you will carry this wisdom with you always, into every interaction in your life. From this knowing you can and will manifest your heart’s true desires.