What is the Realization Process®?

Release pain and trauma. Be fully alive in your body.

Dalini is an extremely intuitive, skillful and compassionate Realization Process teacher. Her nurturing, finely attuned presence enhances the effectiveness of the Realization Process practices. I highly recommend her.
– Judith Blackstone, founder of the Realization Process

Living in the moment

The Realization Process® is a meditative method to help you live deeply, in constant connection with your Self.

If you’re looking to create deeper intimacy with your Self and live a life of true fulfillment, I can guide you through a profound process to experience the authentic presence of your soul.

Through this process, you will:

  • Release pain & trauma from the body
  • Awaken to your true nature
  • Relate to others without losing your sense of self
  • Experience embodied spiritual awakening & deeper presence than you’ve ever known


How the Realization Process® Works

When you’ve lived enough life, pain is inevitable. Mental anguish, emotional hurt, or even just a general sense of dissatisfaction: it’s part of being human! And yet despite life’s wounds, the core of who you are remains untouched and whole. You can stay in deep contact with yourself while engaged in daily life.

Simple awareness exercises. Meditations. Dialogue.
Experience the profound wholeness of your own being.

The Realization Process® guides you to feel, know and experience the part of you that has always been whole and complete – the part of you that has never been broken or wounded.

Living in the moment

Release Pain & Trauma. Come Home to Your Body.

Pain gets stuck in the body because we’re hard-wired to avoid the tender spots. Ever tiptoed around a bruise? Buried a broken heart? Ironically, when you avoid the pain, you feel it all the time – because it’s still there! To let go of the pain, you must re-inhabit those parts of you where the pain resides.

Breathing deeply into the places where the body squirms or the soul suffers, you begin to bring yourself back home again. Taking full self-possession of your body, it’s possible to release the pain and the patterns that had hijacked your life.

This isn’t simply mental or emotional healing.
This is true healing at the core of your being.

After every session with Dalini I feel lighter, clearer, and more deeply myself. She has a gift for getting to the core of the matter, always with compassion and understanding. I also appreciate Dalini’s commitment to live and practice what she teaches: her own experience makes her a wise and powerful guide through the journey of Spirit.
– Samara T., Clairvoyant Teacher

Awaken to Your True Nature

You are whole and complete, just as you are. You might believe this intellectually, but not always feel it. What if you could awaken to your true nature and inhabit this experience in your flesh and bones?

The Realization Process® is a technique of body-centered meditation that will help you come home to your Self, so you can be powerfully embodied. Once you taste the pure presence of your true nature and know it in your bones – that experience will never fully leave you, and you can always return to the place of deep inner peace within.

The Realization Process® guides you to relax deeply into yourself and simply be who you are.

Testimonial Quote Graphic

“True healing is not the fixing of the broken, but the rediscovery of the unbroken.”

Jeff Foster

“True healing is not the fixing of the broken, but the rediscovery of the unbroken.”

Jeff Foster

Relate to Others Without Losing Connection with Your Self

Have you ever lost yourself in a relationship? Become too distant, or too needy? It might have lasted a moment – or it might have been years!

We all long for connection and intimacy in relationship, and we need our independence and space, too. The Realization Process® is a tool to reconnect with your Self, and bring the presence of your whole Self to your relationships with others.

Even when you’re overwhelmed, you’ll have the resources to never lose the sense of You. This means you can deeply listen to others while honoring yourself, too.

Uplift your relationships with everyone, and everything, and most especially with YOU.

Dalini is a gifted energy worker and teacher. She has combined some of the best spiritual teachings into a practice that offers a client the guidance they are seeking in a supportive, healing and insightful manner. I look forward to working with her whenever I can.
– Nick L., Clairvoyant Teacher

Experience Embodied Spiritual Awakening

You don’t have to transcend or leave your body to awaken to your true spiritual potential. When you fully inhabit your body, and you find infinite presence within.

I call this infinite presence “fundamental consciousness.”

Fundamental Consciousness exists deep within each of us when we come home to ourselves. In this place you know: the truth of your being has never been broken or wounded. You experience yourself as whole and complete.

Dalini Anaman

As you come fully into your body, you realize that the true peace and infinite presence you seek from outside has been inside of you all along – it is the very foundation of your being.

“I can finally come into my body and settle.”

“I just feel great when I leave your space !”

“I feel like I’m seen. You really listen.”

“Those last two classes – I felt like it was a year of therapy!”

“I got in touch with an aspect of myself I’ve never known before. Thank you!”

“I slept like a baby last night after class”

The Realization Process® was created by my teacher, Judith Blackstone, and I am a certified teacher in this remarkable modality.

I know the power of this work because of what it’s done for me, personally. It has saved my life, and helped me feel safe in my body in a way I’d never known previously. Because of the Realization Process® I’m able to deeply connect with fundamental consciousness, the source of peace and presence within my soul because I know I am Fundamental Consciousness!!, and I can guide you to experience it for yourself, too.

Choose to Live Deeply